Yao Jinbo’s plan 58 city pass ganji com merger will enable this domain name

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) April 15th – the day before the news, 58 city and Ganji has signed a memorandum of understanding will be announced the merger, Yang Haoyong and Yao Jinbo will join together as co chief executive officer, the new company the highest valuation of up to $10 billion.

figure: 58ganji.com

and micro-blog users broke the news, 58 city and Ganji after the merger, the new company will enable the domain name 58ganji.com, and the domain name is currently on Yao Jinbo’s hands. If the news is true, then Yao Jinbo said that the registration of the domain name, it is expected that the two companies will merge this day?


: 58 to

is currently 58 city and Ganji were not on the make a positive response, ganji.com is said to wait for Thursday uniform reply, 58 city declined to comment, but this news, 58 city stock soared 33.64%, a market capitalization of $6 billion 160 million.