CNZZ webmaster statistics data show the new eight index function is more accurate below

five, the increase in the title of the page to visit the show function, to facilitate the understanding of the content of the content of the respondents to visit the site, to help webmasters analyze the content of the site is reasonable. The utility function is very strong, we can always seems specific URL type antecedents, but want to know the detailed contents of the visit also need one by one click, and according to the title to show the respondents page, can clearly tell what is the webmaster, visit the site’s users are most concerned about the content, what is the most about the channel, how much is the user stays on the specific content of time, which can help to understand the specific contents of the webmaster analysis of customer loyalty and the degree of attraction. These are the webmaster in the content optimization and improvement of the site to provide data support.


(Figure 5)

six, the new access list function, according to the webmaster, can show the view details specified IP visitors, including return rate (how many times the user access to the site), specific access time, from where, what kind of operating system, the use of language, which is where the network access providers, how much is the resolution what is the browser, seems to use, whether the installation of the Alexa Bar information, details of each IP let the webmaster have access to the user’s judgment and understanding. (Figure 7)


(Figure 6)

seven, new webmaster statistics VIP site service function, for daily PV more than 300 thousand of the large flow site users to provide VIP station

point of statistical services, the purpose is to continue on the basis of free, more targeted through micro statistics, services in the growth of a strong site to help its rapid growth. To join CNZZ webmaster statistics the site of the VIP service, CNZZ will provide the VPS and special maintenance, increase the CNZZ-VIP logo, reportdisplay interface more dazzling and detailed, and the statistical background without advertising information, which is a real VIP treatment.


(Figure 7)

eight, the new website message board function, can be added in the webmaster message board on its Web site, the information Bcc to facilitate communication with site users, real-time collection of user opinions and suggestions, and can open or close the message board at any time, simple operation. For application of the message of the webmaster is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is to save the message function in the site development time, directly added can be used; the other is to provide a platform for many potential owners and advertisers to communicate, the message boards often have advertisers advertising messages according to the process, usually, advertisers will see CNZZ data statistics report, the satisfaction will be targeted advertising.