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IP (intellectual property) is a hot word in the cultural industry in 2015. Both movies and television, mobile phone games, or entertainment programs have embarked on the road of industrialization of IP: around a popular movie, TV show, TV series and other core IP to the upstream and downstream industry chain in depth, the single form of project to expand a variety of derivative products, formed throughout the game, publications, surrounding and other products industrial chain. However, only IP strong enough to support its subsequent incubation. So, the question is: how to operate in the early stages of the outbreak of IP today, we come together from the 2015 hottest reality show to explore the industrialization of variety IP.


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who can become the first 2016 continue to rely on money to speak

The development of the

variety show from the earliest development of long-standing, "Arts", to the long life of the "happy camp", "Kangxi", and then to the phenomenon of "Super Girls", and behind the explosion of red If You Are The One The Voice of China "" "" "," "Daddy where I am a singer" and "running man" and "wonderful to come" as the representative of the online variety, variety of hot popularity in domestic and. The media predicted that in 2016 China will have 400 TV variety show the screen, Hunan satellite TV has 16 gear and 2 gear regular season broadcast programs, Zhejiang TV broadcast in the 22 levels above, other Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, Yunnan TV, the average of each of the 10 stalls around the show.

as everyone knows, with the focus on variety IP expansion in the derivatives industry majestic, a gold program for TV brings money immeasurable, but a prelude to show blowout of the rising of artists in addition to fee, and expensive production costs, conventional operation program cannot do without a very popular word that is very high "capital".

TV station in order to let the program become a number of programs in the early bird, in addition to the fine program planning, program production, publicity, distribution, marketing can not be ignored. As the saying goes: the longest journey begins with the first step, so early for recruiting and savings "ammunition feed more people to help Emo sigh, making the side in resources will promote the style all their own, while the need to expand new sponsorship channels.

TV suction gold gap, meat soup soldier brother

the past two years, the mainland variety market ushered in the golden age, investors have joined the variety blue ocean, many advertisers are generous throw gold, helpless major TV gap gradually opened, each variety investment also presents "Matthew effect": fat people thin oil, tears. On the one hand, a large number of capital centralized backward popular variety — such as "daddy go", "I am a singer", "run it brother" program, hundreds of hundreds of millions of gold, mango variety show prime time slot advertising resources cooperation can reach 300 million, 4 exclusive title – 1 billion different; on the other hand, the number of two or three line TV programs are not popular in large, making programs tend to be shy.