Adsense network broadcast Ali sued the media from the media will be carried out in the field of tort

1 Alibaba filed a lawsuit from the media Ge Ge: fabricating facts compensation of $500 thousand  

Following the

from media people Ge said the Alibaba will sue the PR director Yan Joe afterwards, according to ge today I broke the Alibaba has been the first to the prosecution, said he will respond actively.

below is a full text of the statement:

as I have commissioned a good lawyer, prepared for the Alibaba public relations director Yan Qiao filed a lawsuit against me regarding defamation when Alibaba’s complaint was the first step to. Last Friday I received a courier call in the field, asked me if I would like to receive a letter from the people’s Court of Hangzhou City, Binjiang District, I instructed the police to help me collect. Then, from Hangzhou’s petition, have a higher possibility for me to sue the Alibaba.

Sunday night just off the plane I came to the unit, a sign for the heavy package, there are a variety of pleadings and evidence, and file a class certificate. Summons I must be ready to reply within 15 days, September 23rd to appear in court. The case for defamation dispute case, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Alibaba, Technology Holding Company network, Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., three companies filed a lawsuit to me, accusing me of fabricating facts and damage the reputation of the claim is an apology and claims 500 thousand yuan.

21 thousand and 400 express user privacy streaking: how big data encryption  


14 million user information was stolen and sold, in the staff seems to be not news".

in the courier industry, this kind of thing has been going on for many years, can not cure." In August 15th, Lee Kang looked indifferent told reporters. Lee before the operation of a regional courier company, has worked with the Shanghai Express and other independent courier companies and electricity providers have a website. In his view, the user information was leaked is not surprising.

courier company has the user information including the receipt and delivery of both sides of the name, address, phone number and courier items. Li Kang said that the information is generally divided into two forms, one is stored in the courier company’s server, and the other is the face of a single (express).

"no matter what kind of way, are easy to be leaked." Li Kang said.

3 sins: to abandon the   business model of Internet advertising based on


August 18th news, according to U.S. media reports, Rong · Carlson (Ron Carlson); the short story "What We Wanted To Do", is carried out in a village by the West against the marauding Goths failed to protect his comrades and the form of apology. The first paragraph of the novel is as follows:

"when the enemy tried to open our village.