From the commercial promotion to advertising Baidu Sogou behind the investigation paid commercial a

Internet era platform traffic has become the most important place for Internet companies, but it is still unable to get rid of the old mode of thinking, advertising business is bound to experience the so-called flow trap.


so, what is the flow trap? We generally think that flow through the platform of the Internet can reflect a value, whether it is community blog or website, more users can read the platform that the higher the heat, the higher the degree of active users, but even so from a business perspective this model itself the value of earnings is not high. In general, such a model with the site as an auxiliary to enhance the user’s recognition of the brand value of the platform, on the other hand, in order to realize the flow. But the value of the flow is only for advertising, so the beginning of the platform into a misunderstanding, the flow of the platform for more is how to guide, into a different business model.

and Baidu and Sogou PC using search engine users on the "throat", make traffic platform selling using so-called flow had no ground for blame of commercial advertising, but the quality of online advertising and the authenticity of the problem has been plagued by Baidu, the hot news events to push for promotion in the teeth of the storm. It is worth mentioning that after the start of the implementation of the new advertising law, Baidu and Sogou related medical advertisements without review obligations issued by the relevant departments for investigation, the results have not come out, but we are not by the search engine advertising model questioned and fears. How to review the release platform related advertising qualifications, which direction in the future development of


paid commercial advertising review system will usher in a major change?


before the auction is to earn advertising advertising costs and advertising companies for the introduction of a model of the search engine, after the launch of the Baidu Sogou Sogou Ming Medical ridicule. But the author thinks that although the accident was not Sogou, but does not represent the Sogou bidding promotion without the drawbacks of the Baidu, Sogou, contrary to both the investigation was that this is the whole search engine, is not the case, but the incident to have bias. The so-called pay search engines use advertising to attract customers is an effective marketing operation behavior, but the platform for controllable advertising content is too poor, especially such problems also appear in Baidu after rectification, and the medical industry. We can’t help but think carefully about how much of the commercial ads on the Internet can be trusted?

pay commercial advertising review system also need to make changes to the platform to produce a detailed rules. How to identify the advertiser subject qualification, how to judge the authenticity of the advertising content, advertising platform needs to do an assessment, or even modify the original review process, to ensure that the platform to release the product advertising not misleading to users. This is not just the Internet advertising, in fact, under the line of advertising is also facing such a problem, simply rely on advertising to profitability may not be able to