Daily topic how do Ali sea Amoy registered trademark of cross border electricity supplier

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 3rd news, I do not know whether we still remember last year "double eleven" trademark application for registration and event? This time Ali is the sea Amoy brand, it seems cross-border electricity supplier beware!

trademarks and intellectual product service platform founder, CEO right master Meng Tan days ago published an article that the trademark notice in May 20, 2015, the preliminary announcement of thirty-fifth Alibaba, 16, 9 class three sea Amoy brand.

sea Amoy overseas overseas online shopping in recent years the rise of the title, is the powerful national consumption mode pronoun, not only the existing electricity supplier giant hit heavily layout, more numerous emerging focus on cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurial companies frequently get generous venture capital support. In the free trade zone and other national policy driven, cross-border electricity supplier has become the common choice of the current mainstream electricity supplier platform, more and more electronic business platform has launched the sea Amoy business. "Sea washes" have become one of the most popular business model in recent years.

to register the "sea Amoy" trademark issue, Alibaba official said: "in response to media reports with the facts, we will not respond." Ali relevant person in charge of the response, the application has been made in March 2013, while the remaining two publicity, also earlier than previously announced. That is to say, the thirty-fifth kind of notice is the real limit one of the rest of the electricity, once registered, other electricity providers want to use "sea washes" two words in advertising, unless otherwise agreed by Ali, is not. It means that no matter what the future of cross-border electricity supplier, without the consent of Ali, can not be used in the propaganda sea Amoy two words.

Ali explained that the reason to apply for "sea washes" the trademark, said Ali, "effective defensive trademark registration and protection, let the future really engaged in trademark covered business can legitimately shared use, not exclusive."

What is the use of

Ali sea Amoy road blocking other trademark become a bubble, or Jingdong, vip.com, jumei.com and other cross-border electricity supplier was forced to stop using the "sea washes" two words to carry out business, or Ali announced "generous" and "share" sea Amoy two words I have seen the trademark objection.

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