YAHOO former nternet portal after the investment company

Abstract: YAHOO executives said YAHOO will eventually change the name of the regulatory authorities after the approval of the transaction, and then become a publicly traded investment company. Since then, there is no science and technology company called YAHOO.


YAHOO finally shot price, not its fraction peak value, which is probably the Tencent recently acquired half Mobile Games manufacturer Supercell price. The outcome of this full of heroes twilight feeling. But personally sold YAHOO’s female CEO Meijer, but did not admit that this is a failure.

after the deal is settled, she said publicly, as during their CEO, YAHOO product line complete modernization, mobile, design a new advertising model, and increase the number of users exceeded 50%, more than 1 billion monthly active users, the number of mobile users over 3 times.

they are fooling ingredients, but it’s also a part of the fact that YAHOO over the years to build a huge network of Internet products do the accumulation of a large number of users, this is one of the most important assets of YAHOO Verizon, it wants to be able to serve their own network business expansion.

according to the Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore data, the United States across the platform media site user rankings, YAHOO’s website group is still ranked third. But do not forget the Verizon last year to spend $4 billion 400 million to buy the AOL, YAHOO and AOL independent access to the number of users together, will be more than now ranked first in Google.


can imagine, the introduction of new resources users, Verizon can obtain a new revenue source in the wireless market saturation, the AOL and YAHOO user data together, can also help advertisers according to the Internet behavior preference and find the target customers.

news, pictures, e-mail, YAHOO sold a rich product line

YAHOO was founded in 1994, after a brilliant and confused, now almost all areas of tentacles extends to the Internet, although in search and advertising business, Google and Facebook are beyond, but it’s email, news, finance, sports and other sites and services, there is still a huge amount of users.

of course, these assets are next to Verizon.

it is worth noting that, in addition to these relatively traditional online media and services, YAHOO has sold its acquisition of two image sharing social media: Tumblr and Flickr.

Flickr on-line in 2004, was bought in 2005 by YAHOO. As a pioneer in image sharing site, Flickr has been far ahead of similar products in function. But it also failed to adapt to the development of mobile internet. Flick>