A large amount of cash for website information

more than 1 million cash for a large number of sites suitable for

acquisition site slightly, deliberately come in! As long as you feel your site > more than 10 thousand yuan can be

buy a price of less than 500

software download station

2500 PR is more than 3 yuan to buy more than 4000 stable IP site high lead over 500IP website! Games, novels, forums, etc.!

sincere about the acquisition of 300-1000IP (QQ, game, novel station) some contact me, come on Oh ` ` ` the acquisition of a large number of =2 sites, PR> I have how much

acquired more than 1 stations

acquisition of a mobile phone forum —- intended to sell a friend in time to contact me

buy a price of less than 500

] [buy] IP> =2000 high quality website!

flow rate of 400-1000 or QQ station X do not receive high priced QQ station, IP2000 above

long-term high priced Baidu have frequently included the site received

RMB 10 thousand yuan to receive a download station, must be a regular station data local Baidu included normal!

to buy more than IP500 stations, only one of the requirements of traffic stability, regardless of the station around 1000IP Star Entertainment station

1000 yuan, how much can you buy IP site or article stand?