Big data to fill the college entrance examination consulting fee was 10000 without the actual datab

after the college entrance examination, the candidates and their parents once again facing a voluntary exam. From the beginning of last year, China implemented parallel voluntary Toudang admission, many students and parents of the reporting which university which professional, more "doubt". So the college entrance examination counseling came into the market, "big data to help you fill in a good university" advertisement "one to one part meet the eye everywhere," consulting price is way by tens of thousands of yuan of "super", the college entrance examination counseling service reliable? "To fill" really can help the candidates enter the ideal the University of


reporter found that, in fact, as early as before the college entrance examination, a number of advisory bodies have been launched online and offline college entrance examination training courses.


test after completing the volunteer organization teacher: This is the line, line will arrange appropriate at the end of the entrance, but there is not too much, why? Because this time the expert to serve the students too much, the energy Gubuguolai, we can arrange one or two away.

reporter found in the survey, the college entrance examination service has become a series of products, in some shopping sites, as long as the input "college entrance examination", immediately will be included in the College Entrance Examination Handbook, the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination card Raiders Cheats and so a large number of related products, which have senior teacher of "one to one" for consulting services, the price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. According to the reporter according to the site provided 400 telephone, telephone consultation.


test after completing the volunteer teacher: there are twelve thousand and eight institutions, more than three years working experience of the teacher, have twenty-four thousand and eight, four years of work experience of the teacher, as well as twenty-nine thousand and eight, five years of teacher, the rest is thirty-nine thousand and eight, is a teacher for seven or eight years.

reporting voluntary agencies are required to interview

and several institutions telephone communication, the person said to be interviewed, the reporter came to the home in Beijing, Haidian District dedicated to providing voluntary reporting services, the agency played on its website publicity language is "volunteer is 20 points test of college entrance examination".

after the completion of a voluntary reporting agency teachers: the rate of adoption of our voluntary reporting is one hundred percent, if I give you this year you did not report, we are full refund. This is what we are writing in the contract.  

a voluntary application program move million yuan

reporters by telephone and field visits to understand, at present a lot of consulting agencies also launched expert service packages, including potential evaluation, career planning and voluntary reporting, packages variety, cost is also high.

reporter: I would like to ask how to calculate the cost of


a volunteer after the completion of the examination of the body of the teacher: Wang (the agency launched a senior expert), then some of the expensive, Mr. Wang is thirty thousand, 39800.

reporter: what does it include? 398>