U S travel social networking site was 1 million initial venture capital

Beijing on December 29th news: according to foreign media reports, the day before, an American social networking company can share photos of the travel route and received its first venture capital investment of $1 million.

this company is called GlobalMotion, located in California Palo Alto. At present, the company from Band of Angels and other domestic and foreign investors to get $1 million the first venture capital.

, the company’s most famous service is the EveryTrail website that allows people who like to travel to share the travel route (in fact, a set of GPS information), as well as photos taken along the way. EveryTrail services are mainly provided by the iPhone client software. Users can automatically record their own foot, driving, mountain bike route, with the iPhone shot of the scenic spots will also automatically add geographical location tags, and travel routes sent to the web server.

EveryTrail website

users on Facebook and Twitter friends can witness the travel information of friends, and enjoy photos.

is reported that EveryTrail has launched a iPhone, blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile platform client.

so far, the service has a total of 220 thousand registered users, a total of up to 200 thousand tourist routes.