Social networking site Quora momentum unabated Google as the main flow push hands



although Quora brand awareness is not large enough to become the first choice for users to ask questions, but Google as the main entrance of its traffic, Quora brings a lot of users. (TechWeb with


Tencent Francisco (Qindao) Beijing on July 30th news, according to foreign media reports, since its launch by the media blitz Quora limelight now no longer. However, the company’s traffic momentum unabated last year, Quora traffic growth rate of 350%, of which there are 50% of the independent visits from Google search.

Quora is a Q & a platform to help users solve the Google search engine can not afford high-end complex problems. Because of the convergence of the elite and CEO users in various fields, so compared to Yahoo Answers, it provides the answer to the question on a big step. In recent months, Quora propaganda gradually weakened, but the momentum is not flow. In fact, Quora is still in a rapid growth period, last year’s Quora traffic growth rate of 350%. And Google is its main flow push hands.

although Quora brand awareness is not large enough to become the first choice for users to ask questions, but as the main entrance of Google traffic, Quora brings a lot of users, accounting for 50% of total Quora traffic. Market research firm comScore analyst Eli · search (Eli Goodman); Goodman explained, "the search engine will be indexed to the contents of Quora to answer those complex problems, so, more and more users click on search related links into Quora, continue to visit, and to answer quality links to other places, these operations are counted based on correlation of Quora’s" vote ", then it can continue to help improve Quora natural search rankings." Mr Goodman took Quora · the development principle and the continued development of the original network program market made analogy, like Hulu and YouTube two in order to seize the market it is necessary to provide more high-quality original video programs. His argument is that an existing market must have a high quality, high-value content as a cornerstone, that is, we must respond to complex information needs.

from June 2011 to June 2012, Quora growth rate of 350% a year, and now the monthly independent visitors up to 1 million 500 thousand. After the completion of the B round of financing $50 million, the Quora team moved into a new office, the number of employees has increased to four times the original, reaching up to 150 employees. Quora, a co-founder of the evaluation, the development of two years has been fast enough."