Network explosion 12306 site invested over 500 million and 2 to buy network equipment

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network explosion 12306 site invested over 500 million

broke the news that 200 million yuan for the purchase of network equipment, the parties did not confirm

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Tailing) yesterday morning, Zhou Xiaoyun broke the news by micro-blog, released the information technology center of Ministry of railways were signed in 2010 and 2011, to Taiji Computer Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Taiji company) buy network equipment, two copies of purchase contract totaling more than two hundred million yuan.

broke the news that 12306 sites invested over 500 million

in September last year, the company had issued a public announcement, confirmed that the Ministry of railways, a new generation of ticket system project phase, the amount of 190 million yuan bid. Together with another successful company with the shares of 130 million yuan in the amount of the successful bidder, a new generation of ticketing system phase I project created by the site, invested about $320 million in.

Zhou Xiaoyun said that the two contracts the burst, long before the 12306 site of 320 million yuan investment, the Ministry of railways had initially invested 200 million to buy network equipment to Taiji group, calculated into the actual 12306 website to have more than 500 million yuan.

Zhou Xiaoyun said he was in October last year by an informant, received the two copies of the contract the two, followed by the tender number on the contract, through multiple channels to verify its authenticity confirmation.

Two copies of purchase contract

announced Zhou Xiao Yun belong to "information system" railway customer service center, were signed in December 18, 2010 for the amount of 5451 yuan, the Ministry of Railways project "project, and the amount of more than 146 million yuan in May 18, 2011 signed the" two phase project of the Ministry of Railways Internet Ticketing "project.

two copies of the contract are both in the information technology center of Ministry of Railways and the Taiji company, which has 3 page contract cover there are two units of contract dedicated seal, another page contract in the form of lists, procurement of equipment for the server and storage products, brands including IBM, HP and EMC brands (HP).

"the Ministry of Railways involved in network ticketing scheme, refused to companies such as IBM scheme, and Tai Chi sales to the information center of Ministry of Railways for" information system "customer service center, is the product of IBM." Zhou Xiaoyun questioned.

data show that the tender contract exists

Reporters yesterday in a number of

website found that two copies of the contract announced Zhou Xiao Yun involved bidding indeed, consistent and tender and the contract number also announced.

for the content of the contract, the reporter yesterday afternoon call Tai Chi company strategic development department, the Department of value-added products and securities department and other departments, have not been answered. However, the company staff confirmed that the signing of the contract, the agent and the project manager are >