From the exchange of links thought

recently very busy, in addition to the basic update site, the other time in favor of the company, today morning in stationmaster net to see an article mentioned GG big update, brooding time, estimated almost updated, and because I did not go to work, get more Links. Don’t mention the other chain, so in the afternoon smoke for half an hour, the webmaster to Baidu search relevant keywords, and prepare some related site exchange Links, first aid arena.

but when the linking process that bothers me, say not to chain, but attitudes and beliefs. I am looking for 2 stations (1 site of webmaster, 1 web site of tutorial), but a person with QQ, directly asked how PR, then PR is so high again, another more simply, the website address without any information returned.

statement: I would like to find links to each other, there is no link to the location, I do not usually do not ask questions.

Lenovo to Yesky Links used to do, the other party immediately answered by the. Not to say that through, but the service, efficiency, I feel very good. Before and 2 PR5 source station exchange links, the other is also the grass with the webmaster, but the attitude is also very good, the first question is not my PR, but asked me to address, look at the first. What does this mean? The other person is concerned with your site’s potential, updates, and the quality of the content, not PR.

although not only, I also know that Links exchange site PR is not high and difficult to PR and included good station links, to know the general understanding of these high PR site owners, establish good relationship with, this is relatively easy to do link. But I rarely is similar with the webmaster contact, one of the 3 station stationmaster in my QQ group mostly novice webmaster, most HTML are not, and I opened the source code download channel, a lot of time to spend all kinds of problems in answer members (usually question QQ source station the webmaster should have experience), but also many times is a temporary message in the body (download from other sites to download the source code, but found inside the Hutong station stationmaster "encountered problem is to ask), I even closed the temporary session QQ, because of this I was doomed to a fight a lone battle though. The network awareness of people, but the most basic beginners, others are not doing the station.

Capriccio with written, BOSS halfway to see me, interrupted, write more chaos, don’t blame you.

last AD, the webmaster Hu Tongzhan (, called the link, the request is not high

1:pr> =1

2: frequently updated

3: included good

4: with the content of the alley (information, IT tutorials, Download class, etc.) the best.

has the intention to add me directly to QQ:9615>