Analyzing from the angle of human nature of the message content invincible

on human nature, I know very little about moving, I have deep experience; but it is based on human touch as a starting point for the ultimate human capture a tear!

world attention to reasoning, a more rational everywhere "as strengthening backing, indeed, this is a universal truth, but in the super power in this country, so to love life, that is the real merit.

so-called vernal drizzle embellish silent, to love moving through your heart, regardless of family or friendship or even, is said to be the greatest love is unlikely to escape this


if the mail content, give up those immutable and frozen product promotion, discount, brand promotion, spend more time on communication and people heart’s sake, make a few copies of humane inside the most subtle feelings copy and images, imagine, under the open rate of fixed situation, you don’t click rate a qualitative leap? Your conversion rate does not decrease


but we are too impetuous; or that is my brother mail yourself, try not Jingxiaxinlai to user communication, not willing to work hard too much in the emotional aspects of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. To see such a topic recently in the QQ space mail brother, let me find the best prescription to enhance the click rate, at this moment, what kind of mass mailing techniques, what kind of email marketing cheats seemed so not worth mentioning… >



In contrast to

, now a variety of popular email content, the mail content under the mail is just received soon brother, can’t let people look! You will find that the level of the gap, it is an insurmountable gap, in a day, one on the ground. This is not the design gap, but the recognition of high and low!


of course, the content is very popular, also has some relevance, to copy itself on this point, I have mentioned in the "case analysis a master class mail marketing", want to know friends can crowd


analysis of the legend, a positive and negative, from the human point of view about the crucial message content, if you also email marketing personnel, not a natural idea, especially let you plan out the mail content meets the needs of human nature is more difficult. But this figure is only an introduction, this is the mail brother would like to take this opportunity to talk a great deal of nonsense, and there is a platform for dialogue and email marketing colleagues, welcome the outstanding figures message a lot of private QQ’s brother, a look, what the message content