Case Redstar Red Star Entertainment to do the promotion program

now all enterprises have realized the importance of network promotion, a web site for potential customers, so we only promote their own website, you can get a lot of customers. Website promotion method is very much, according to the different nature of the site use promotion method is not the same, but the search engine optimization promotion is always a kind of promotion method.


1, search engine promotion

According to

website data analysis, the overall site is more traffic from search engines, like many of the 80% websites from search, website construction, will be Baidu, 360 search engine website content page, so that the majority of users to find our business through the search engine. Of course, there is a search engine to do the promotion, but because we are not allowed to do spinach website auction, there is not much to say.

2, link promotion

An important factor is to

keywords ranking in Links mutual transmission of weight, is also an important part of the website promotion, for Links exchange in the relevant industry website, this website also in mutual propaganda in the mutual transmission of weight. The higher the transfer, the better the keywords ranking, the greater the probability of site exposure.

3, BBS, B2B, classification and promotion

forum Post Bar are a popular gathering place where most users and users, so the publicity often interactive platform for promotion is inevitable, establishing a blog links through interactive transfer to promote their own products and enterprise information, product information through the classified information network and B2B, let your keywords reach a certain rank monopoly, so as to find out our potential customers from.

4, QQ group promotion

to join the QQ group chat to discuss potential customers, QQ group e-mail, QQ group sharing, QQ group album and so on the use of these enterprises to promote the release of the product or brand.

5, schedule

according to the program can be assigned to the execution of the team to carry out the promotion activities, detailed list and follow up the progress of the work, arrange specific personnel to be responsible for the implementation, to ensure the effective implementation of the program.

6, effect monitoring.

install some monitoring tools to detect and track the data source of the site, and found that any changes can be adjusted in a timely manner to promote the strategy. And evaluate the effectiveness of each stage