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introduction: in the mobile Internet era, "small" could be a big opportunity. Through the analysis of large data network, find all the target customers, in which to identify the most influential people, let him become our advocacy hand.


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in the era of mobile Internet, small may be a big opportunity.

data show that modern people on average every 6 minutes to see a cell phone, which is like the average number of breaths per minute, the phone has become the human’s sixth senses. This also reminds us that we must focus on their own vision and focus on mobile phones. So, there is a single mobile Internet is not enough, more important is the rapid rise of social networks, the two hit together to connect the world’s mobile phone for everyone, the opportunity is very large.

from the marketing point of view, before the main business of mass marketing, the era of the portal and television transmission less. At that time you could say that the media is valuable. After that, with the Baidu, marketing into the sub era, reflecting the value of information, Baidu precision marketing done very large.

and now to a social networking era, everything on the network began to return to reality, fully reflect the value of people. Marketing has entered the precise micro channel to reach consumers themselves, no longer as previously required through the middle of the media and channels.

this is what we mentioned the people-oriented social network, it put our social relations the most important shift to the Internet, after all the relationship established on the platform, information into a real communication, a product that today enterprises do real word-of-mouth can through the network directly to consumers.

ten years ago, the traditional entrepreneurs are extremely arrogant, think a little shop and the screen, how can we subvert the powerful plant, factory? Result is to lay a good opportunity to subvert the expert, and such opportunities will not exist. For today’s entrepreneurs, must not enter a completely unfamiliar territory. The best way to choose is to immerse yourself in a particular industry for many years, or you are obsessed with the field. As the founder Lei Jun millet mobile phone, before the millet venture has been in the field of mobile Internet software, has accumulated rich experience, can quickly win the hardware and software of mobile Internet to build a mobile phone.

you can see from the millet model, this era of real revolution is the transformation of the marketing model. When the media appeared, many people come of age as cheerful as a lark, we think! Everyone can tell the news spread all over the world, in fact, on the contrary, when everyone is a media, not everyone has the function of media, in contrast to the original media also lost the original function of all the media are dead.