How soft media from the media platform for success

in our country in these industries, whether it is work of an industry which are needed for promotion, so as to let others know you earlier and faster, so the business and performance will go up, the staff in order to get more money. For example, in advertising, television, or media reports and so on, these are some very good promotion means, the media reports, also is the soft writing, to promote their content for the purpose. Especially in the Internet using soft Wen promotion is very common, but some people wrote the article has been read and reproduced while others do not, this is why? In fact, this is because it has its own rules and skills in the industry, following the author is a simple text to share the Journal of marketing skills.


1, soft language to clear the purpose of the language

a good soft text does not allow consumers to feel that is doing marketing, readers can read to get a certain value, is useful. Some extension workers write something advertisement nature is too strong, the embedding of multiple links, phone number, micro signal and so on, like this is very difficult to be reproduced, the article itself must have certain quality, text slightly while the title should be objective, concise and vivid, the first to write good, as the saying goes, crested pork stomach leopard tail. Good start to allow readers to continue to read the interests of consumers in need of attention.

Some details of the

submission is: when we write soft text in the layout is learned, font, font size, column spacing, image processing and so on will make the whole article looks good to hear or see. Readers turn over the probability will be greatly reduced.

2, the best choice of soft high weight from the media platform

weight high since the media is generally reproduced more likely, the four portals are not all good, it has many channels, the subdivision of many sections, regardless of price or quality have difference, of course, if the customers want a recommendation from the media platform when, I generally recommend that customers select those included a good pay, but the price is not too expensive of course website, this website strength or good, anyway, is to save money, but the weight of the website and visibility or to pay more attention to the. I often contribute websites generally have the following: today’s headlines from the media, the NetEase, Sohu from the media, since the media, Wukong said 360 from the media, a little information, the cast of the soft effect is very good, some even free of charge or submission of the


3, soft Wen in the column is divided into sub categories

there is a point worth noting is that we put in submission when section should also be suitable for the contents of the manuscript, such as finance and economics, put in the financial channel, the author does not recommend customers across to other pages, do not pay attention to these specified categories indiscriminately is easily rejected, what do you think a review of the people.