Do you have a website marketing

good site, the need for good planning, not just a good design, but a natural smooth and comfortable. Allow visitors to quickly find the information they want and products that allow visitors to quickly reach a consensus or a deal, which is called a marketing website. Now, discover the marketing value of the site


site is not open, it is often a few years ago, the updated product information, is used to make display and publicity, but a lot of useless, according to a survey of the latest Baidu Inc: over seventy percent websites can not attract customers effectively, a website into bottle device.

the following conditions for example:

the first case: the site is only the pursuit of beauty, FLASH, and sometimes customers can not find a way to contact, it is only to look good?.

second kinds of situations: just in order to add an official website on the card, in order to build the site and the site, regardless of the site’s content and appearance, as long as it is their company’s information on it.

third kinds of situations: website design is very beautiful, but it seems reluctant to let the public know like, do not promote, nor publicity. Even if the site has much baby, the show is still the first, or who do not know there are so 1 sites.

these three types of sites, the main reason is the lack of scientific methods and the correct understanding of network marketing, and network marketing is a systems engineering includes:

website construction, promotion strategy, the promotion of marketing services under the line of the three links, the company can only be careful to operate a good network marketing trilogy, in order to be able to understand the marketing effect.

interpretation of the 8 network marketing strategy password

image: the image of the site is the first impression of the visitors, on behalf of the company’s brand image, the image of the site should be consistent with the brand image

products: customers visit the website is to understand the enterprise products and services, the value of the enterprise website is flexible display product description of the text, pictures and multimedia.

information: the website is an information carrier, we should make full use of all the information that is conducive to corporate image, corporate news, products, customer service, promotion and other cooperative information.

customers: through the website can provide customers with a variety of online service support, such as common help information, e-mail, first order, instant messaging to answer customer inquiries, etc.

: relationship between enterprise and customer site can help establish and maintain a good relationship, through the network community has award activities to attract customers to participate in, contribute to enhance customer loyalty, improve will directly increase sales.

survey: market research is an indispensable step of marketing work, the enterprise website can through online questionnaire, e-mail, forums and other real-time information way to obtain valuable user feedback information