On mobile email marketing

with the development of mobile Internet, the popularity of mobile intelligent terminals, people use mobile phones to send and receive e-mail habits with the formation of. Mobile email can change the habit of reading e-mail from the PC to the mobile terminal, especially the smartphone. Although some people are skeptical of this trend, but there is one thing we can’t deny that, in the mobile terminal mail attention will far more than in the PC end, at least for intelligent mobile phone users, mobile phone reading the content than the log on the computer to open the mailbox, a message came easy, but also in the time outside of work to easily send and receive e-mail. Now the intelligent mobile phone, send and receive e-mail can be achieved basically, there are a lot of the original PC mail service providers have developed every kind of mobile phone mail client, its purpose lies in the development of mobile phone mail users, because they know that mobile email marketing is also an important way of promotion. So what are the aspects of mobile e-mail marketing need to pay attention to it?

First of all,

mobile email marketing should pay attention to the amount of information content and mobile terminal mobile screen restrictions. The user of the mobile terminal has a character from the terminal constraints, that is the terminal screen size is limited, which also requires mobile email content should be consistent with the mobile user habits, not push and PC end as much information, and mobile email content in the layout, fonts, background visual friendly also should be more efforts, otherwise, with the mobile terminal, mobile e-mail message content attention not only by the user, and the user of the mobile terminal reading normal even will be affected.

secondly, mobile email marketing should focus on the user’s reading habits. Closely related to our daily life and work habits, mobile email open rate peaked in the early morning, evening and late night, because the user is the highest probability of using the phone in these time points. At the same time, the e-mail on the mobile terminal is also concentrated in the two hours after the e-mail was opened in the next three hours, then the opening rate will soon decline. The mobile terminal may also email participants significantly more in the initial one hour, which means that as mobile email planners need to be aware of the user’s habits, and according to the specific user habits to set the best time to send e-mail. If the time to grasp the good, coupled with the huge number of mobile terminal users, the user’s attention to the content of the message in a centralized point of time may exceed the expected results.

addition, mobile e-mail is an important factor in mobile marketing is to highlight the marketing content. Whether it is to do other electronic marketing, mobile e-mail marketing is the same, we should pay attention to: the recipient will do what in the open email, not just whether they read and click on the link within the message, especially in the intelligent mobile phone, electronic mail function is an auxiliary function, if the mail no advertising to attract customers in any spot, the next time the user won’t pay attention to.