O2O will allow the vast number of businesses online marketing memorable

The concept of

O2O has been out for several years, but with the prosperity of group purchase website that makes this concept to carry forward, many offline businesses are in contact with a variety of O2O marketing tools, and even some high-quality businesses through O2O get a lot of network source, as a very love group purchase people in this way in Guangzhou, so I eat this delicacy city of many restaurants, and thus have the opportunity to compare these restaurants where the advantages and disadvantages, then share own good place to their friends, so I have "chowhound" reputation in their own circle of friends.

Based on the

itself is a qualified O2O for consumers, so I love the friends of the ideas will be idle away in seeking pleasure basic understanding, at the same time I also know that use group purchase to attract tourists merchants basic conditions: either the geographical environment, or new store openings, because there is too fierce competition around sake…… Therefore, the author can also get a good buy in the project on the business is very good, and even become a few of the old business customers, every once in a while to patronize.

a, O2O let three parties benefit from

O2O let more offline businesses have the opportunity to contact with the network source, but also make friends with more love idle away in seeking pleasure recreational opportunities for mining city fun, this is the O2O network marketing charm, it can make the three party benefit:

first, as the next line of business, due to their own efforts to promote the restrictions, can not have the marketing capabilities of large enterprises such as like, if you use the print or TV media spending and other traditional advertising costs are very expensive, so if they are located in areas not too good, so it could be tough business a long period of time can be gradually increased in popularity. But since the O2O platform, these businesses have a visible opportunity, at this time, through cheap website promotion expenses, let those who have the ability of offline businesses can accumulate a certain customer resources, so that their business is gradually improved, and then have the chance to grow.

second, as consumers because they love idle away in seeking pleasure, can not fully reach their own city all aspects of information so idle away in seeking pleasure, they are eager to have a convenient way to search, can make their way to personalize search – by region, the types of entertainment and consumption price division way to search out the most appropriate what kind of entertainment. Then, they will be able to get a bunch of recommendations from this search results, and then choose from the comments of others who want to go to the consumer. Through such a search for a preliminary understanding of the way the next line of business, so that more people do not have to experience the business services have a chance to try.

finally, that prompted the line merchants and consumers to shake the site platform, in line with the next line of business cooperation, whether it is the provision of business information or consumers in the consumer after the business >