How to play network marketing easier

is said to be the two most like to ask new questions, one is how to do electricity supplier and the other is how to do network marketing?

in the background of my WeChat public often received such a problem, see are afraid of. Today is how simple and easy fun network marketing.

why do simple and easy to do network marketing from hundreds of samples I contact, you can look at the current situation of the majority of electricity providers do network marketing. The first, at a loss, do not know where to start; second, I know a lot of network marketing methods, but it seems that there will never be able to finish the work, I feel that the network marketing is a chore.

what kind do you belong to?

do one thing, if you have been doing very tired, it is difficult to insist on doing it, let alone do a good job. Therefore, we do network marketing must pursue a simple and easy way.

do network marketing for ten years, I have taken a lot of detours. But after continuous trial and error, finally summed up the method of simple and easy to do network marketing. If I tell you this now, you might be surprised, but is actually so simple? With this simple method, I have no one to help a clerk of the small factory, to achieve online sales from 0 to 20 million breakthrough. And now, even if it doesn’t depend on me, the factory can still get a lot of orders every year. So, some time ago there are two kind of factory boss made an excuse and I said, due to Bala Bala, suspend cooperation.

I think of CROCS, because the CROCS shoes are very durable, consumers do not have much need to buy new, and on the verge of collapse. There is Windows XP, because it is very easy to use, although the Microsoft Corp launched a new version of Windows 7 or Windows XP, but the users feel good, do not intend to buy a new version, so Microsoft to sell a new version of Windows XP, decisively to stop updating.

this is the reason I decided to open this method for free, so that more companies and network marketing practitioners can simply do a good job of network marketing, less detours.

this method is really very simple, summed up in ten words: the establishment of automatic network marketing system.

why do you want to build an automated marketing system

?Network marketing is no clear goal to do

a lot of people, one after another to try a lot of network marketing methods, have no effect, then I gave up. Before contact with a traditional business owners, from 03 years to start building a website to do promotion, and now there is no official website of a company. He told me so many years at five or six sites do, but not what, then we do not have the. Now even the company’s trademark related domain names are lost. For a simple example, if the company has a system of planning, register a good domain name, built the official website, and then do a good job SEO, each