Four years of experience in the promotion of mobile phone website

first, I affirm that I am non SEO professionals, more than a full-time webmaster, my occupation is to do business intelligent mobile phone, write this article is nothing more than the record about his own experience in some of the station, the first time to write articles, do not shoot my head Paizhuan, thank you.

started 06 mobile phone, because of money, resources, time, and until now, also did not last long made a station, a station every time is almost done when you stop, think of where to change, it is not going to change, then change the system do, in fact, is not desirable, the search will think you stand firm.

is now in a better situation, and seriously think about doing the site, the new site has now been more than a month, the station made a number of feelings.

1 is very important, the structure of the site, a lot of these predecessors are not professionals said, I will not say, but there is little to remind new webmaster friends, they can’t do the best for others to develop the program, a good program to make changes, so that the structure of all aspects of the problem, people have to help you ready. You may engage in style and content.

2, adhere to update the new content every day, it is best to be original, not original, you have to modify the release of their own station.

3, if your domain name is a new registration, conditions permit, you can sell for several years.

4, keyword density should be controlled, not written will be more useful, to grasp the.

5, import external links, perhaps many of my friends say that I am the new station, who will be linked with my station, I just want to say, other sites are not born PR is 5,6 or ranking is based on the front, as long as the intention to do one day, you will feel that their success is only a little bit worse.

6, a website localization is very important, I used the station called Zhuhai Roewe mobile phone network, is a purely commercial website, it will only see what price, product introduction, can only be called a shopping site. Now renamed Zhuhai intelligent mobile phone network positioning, Zhuhai local intelligent mobile phone the portal site, don’t ask me why I added in front of Zhuhai, this is my strategy, not to mention here that, the mobile phone news, reviews, quotes, download, some common technical articles, search engine will think you stand very professional, will increase the weight you stand in the search engine, the higher the weight, your ranking will be more, don’t ask me what it is.

7, you can go to some of the weight of the station to send some of the quality of the post, for example: Chinese webmaster, grassroots webmaster nets, it is best to stand with you, the station, the effect of the chain can not be ignored!

8, do a good job of your keywords, such as mine in BAIDU.GOOGLE >