Grassroots webmaster how to earn the first 1 million


network people actually have to the mentality of riches, including myself, then want to do network is being influenced by friends and some people in the internet. See others earn thousands and is really attracted. To tell the truth, most people are starting to do so because of the mentality of the network. Of course, there are also some is because of interest, or want to engage in part-time help spending. But 90% of the owners have done wealth dream.


We saw a lot of

especially Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu, Robin Li, Ma Huateng etc. they are cracked up to be like God’s story. It is hot. But can become such a great God may have a 1/100000000 chance, for we are basically not possible. So I can’t dream too much. But can be mixed to tens of millions of years into the level or There are plenty of people who. And these people are actually very close to us, so we want to make money must be the first to imitate or study how these people make money, so that they can make this money. After you have money, you can make money and earn more money.

so how can we make the grassroots life in the first 1 million? Here to listen to this topic to each other in stationmaster net – wealth and all detailed talk, most authors actually wrote these topics are sprayed. I have not yet reached the level of 1 million, so I am also studying, analysis of some of the situation, so share with you:

a lot of my friends said I was very hard to see me, often until dawn. In fact, I made a mistake last year, resulting in the slow development of my own now. Blame myself last year temporarily dizziness, the full-time engaged in the network for more than a year all the money to buy a car. There is no money to invest now. Really regret dead. So here to warn you, do not prematurely to crushing his capital, or when you see nothing when you don’t have the capital operation opportunities to make money gone, you will regret it. A friend of mine said at that time I, he said, you take the cost to buy a car to buy a house ah? Do you know? I had 20 million of their time to buy the first suite of life. All the money in the house on the car, is not worth too much. The money can be invested in the project to make money quickly, in order to generate money money, will be more and more rich.

yes, investment and financing is very important, want to have more wealth must put money in the rapid appreciation of the place. Early money and burdens are placed in the car, will only make yourself more and more difficult to develop. Well, to business.

after some of my analysis to do the Internet, grassroots want to earn the first 1 million of life quickly, you’d better focus on the following areas:

1, network promotion and marketing

we are talking about the network promotion, network marketing, in fact, a lot of people do not understand the promotion and marketing. The Internet itself is a quick letter