Mou Changqing how about PK navigation station advertising marketing certificate

hasn’t written a blog for a week. He’s been struggling to write this week. Is a review of the harvest in 2010, or talk about PR is not worth updating how to judge the quality of the chain. Although these 2 topics are very early to write, but has not found the feeling of writing. Today, against the lottery, suddenly gave me a lot of feeling, so today and everyone together to discuss this.

first to do this kind of activity is the people’s network, as if it has been done in the 3 phase, it is a small form of sweepstakes innovation. However, although the people network has done 3, but I have not been too concerned before, but I know the people engaged in a lottery network, but the process is not clear. Until in the awarding coupons activities today, in turn to see the people network activities. It is found that the 2 forms of activity is considered as like as two peas, copy the other activities. In addition to found that also do similar activities today, and even the world’s best, direct delivery vehicles, 1 months sent 10 vehicles.

first take and activity, as the case for PK. And then communicate with you, is not through such activities marketing model, can really replace the traditional advertising channels to promote the


: a case:

Although the

3 site activities in the form of similar, but in the rules of the activity, I think better, attract more users to participate. Why, you take today and engage in the activities of the single and as a case.

prize value contrast 3 iphone4+7 ipad+28 shuffle+5 million coins total cost in 8W.

51 network: every month, 10 Chery cars, even if a car only worth 2.5W. It is also 30W. Another randomly generated 51VIP members, mobile phones and other small prize.


works effectively: Method 1:, issued a classified information post 2: browse 10 posts, you can get cash coupon. registered account, the user name must be QQ number, and requires the QQ Level 2 more than the moon. After registration, but also with 51 official enterprise QQ, for verification. In addition to activate mobile phone verification, so invite you to register people to get cash coupon reward.


participate in simple, winning probability is high, is the guarantee of activity.

actually see prizes worth each month to spend about 300000 yuan, than total activity costs 80 thousand yuan, to very high.