Andy Times announced the completion of tens of millions of Pre A round of financing to build the nt

news November 19th, Andy times recently announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, led by the CRE capital investment, Zhejiang Zhao Yuan with investment.

Andy era founder Xiong Yufei said that this round of financing will further accelerate the construction of the main user under the line of credit network, the improvement of the risk control model on consumer finance, construction of ecological service life scene.


founder Xiong Yufei

Andy Era

Andy is an Internet era of ecological consumption financial services. In the service life of ecological scene, the implementation of "mode of operation Internet plus professional customized credit factory". Consumer finance as a starting point, providing professional unsecured consumer loans and related financial services, to provide consumers with customized financial services 500 thousand yuan or less.

company located in the professional credit factory, professional to provide unsecured consumer loans and related financial services, creating a "life business platform", "financial technology application" and "matrix wind control system" three major infrastructure projects, to connect with consumers, consumer goods providers and state licensed financial institutions.

as of now, Andy era has completed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shanghai and other domestic second tier city line stores and the distribution of channels, establish a close strategic partnership with well-known and well-known domestic commercial banks, a number of commercial consumption, and real estate intermediary platform, tourism, culture, education, health and beauty Home Furnishing other industries and enterprises, the cumulative loan amount of more than 200 million yuan.