Blog search engine marketing strategy

search engine optimization is one thing that a lot of BLOGGER headache, because every time I write a SEO article there are a lot of BLOGGER complained to me: why do I often write quality content, but the search engine optimization is not what function to the BLOG article


I never deny the quality of the content more than anything, but you have to understand, in fact, there are millions of pages are the cudgel thinking of good articles, most of them in the back row search engines, who are supposed to be read but have not been found in the process of writing the article.BLOGGER BLOG in itself there are some prejudice, they think their BLOG rankings will behoove higher. According to the author on the website of the research and practice analysis, the research on SEO method, the following experience and share.

people often ask me: how can my BLOG rank first (in the most popular search engine)?

my answer is this: I don’t know what I’m talking about… But…

you see, although some of my blog articles have a high ranking in search engines, I don’t know why. My approach is to guess on the basis of research, and try to improve the ranking of search engines. I also read a lot of advice on how to improve search engine rankings. But the more I read, the more I felt I was not alone. Almost every piece of this article is a certain degree of speculation.

my advice to those who want to search engine optimization for BLOG is to keep BLOG simple. Write quality content in a specific area, and then optimize it around the current best method.

began to explain before, I would say to BLOGGER, don’t be defeated. Search engine optimization search engine looks very complicated, it becomes a troubling aspect of the BLOGGER, but you should understand that BLOG and many other aspects, I will tell you these, and than the establishment of good search engine optimization also more important. Please note that, do not indulge in SEO temptation, remember to make your BLOG to maintain the original color and natural impression.

SEO experts are divided into station SEO experts and station SEO experts, we will explain.

station outside the SEO (from the site’s search engine technology)

SEO said the station is from the site’s search engine technology, named from an external site on the BLOG in the search engine ranking, these external factors are beyond the control of BLOGGER. The external factors of the most useful site the most powerful is the reverse link. We said that the external links.

there is no doubt that the chain >