Tencent made an insurance is the Aviva insurance in Hongkong

now, not only banks have become the standard in the Internet giant, insurance is probably the next battleground.


according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the insurance company Aviva, Hillhouse capital and Tencent have agreed to an insurance company in Hongkong, focusing on digital insurance services. Hillhouse capital and Baidu jointly launched Bai’an insurance, Tencent had also been involved in the establishment of Zhong An insurance and life insurance and.

as a part of the agreement, Hillhouse capital and Tencent will acquire Aviva life (Hongkong) stake. After the completion of the transaction, Aviva, Hillhouse capital each hold Aviva (Hongkong) 40% stake in the Tencent holds a 20% stake. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.

obviously, in addition to domestic companies optimistic about the prospects for the development of China’s insurance market, foreign insurance companies have also noticed. Aviva group (AVIVA) is the UK’s largest, the world’s fifth largest insurance group, founded in 1696, headquartered in london. Aviva main life insurance and pension insurance products, is the world’s top 500 enterprises, but in recent years the business has been unsatisfactory, in 2012 began the business restructuring and transformation, focusing on digital priority and focus on the main market.

Aviva were also reduced business coverage by 2015, business of the country is reduced from 30 to 16, but the China market is one of the key target market, also set up a joint venture with COFCO cofco. Aviva global chief financial officer Shi Tengda (Tom Stoddard) once said "Chinese is our star market, although the group accounted for the proportion of business is not high, but the growth is very fast."

Tencent seems to have been holding on the Internet insurance. Earlier, in 2013, Ali, Tencent, Ping joint establishment of the first Internet Zhong An insurance company insurance, which was approved in September 2013 opened. Ali accounted for 19.9% of shares, Tencent and Ping each holding 15%.

2016 August, a subsidiary of Tencent to participate in and initiated the establishment of the life insurance approved by the circ. Tencent is the largest shareholder and the life, and is the sole shareholder of Internet enterprise groups.

and life with Zhong An insurance is different, and not an Internet insurance company, but an ordinary property insurance company. At that time, the wisdom of the world, pointed out that the Internet insurance companies are subject to a number of restrictions on the business can only expand online business, you want to expand the business needs to be approved by the circ. But the general nature of the insurance company’s business scope is broad, professional Internet insurance companies can do business, ordinary insurance companies can do without approval, you can also force online and offline.

because of the insurance industry in China, there is a big gap in the density and depth of insurance with the developed countries, with the increase in people’s income and awareness of insurance, many people optimistic about the insurance sector. Internet insurance at the same time