How to create a search source to promote the site

I’ll give an example of an article, in the content we wrote, A tutorial is very famous. Those who see this article, you should take the initiative to search the search engine up, then the A tutorial has become a search source.

I can’t understand that. Search source, is to promote the site with soft Wen, the purpose is to lure users to search search source to achieve advertising effect.

so what is soft Wen?

was the first to introduce the soft, software is not directly like advertising directly to launch their own advertising content to do, but to have to do with the advertising in an article, the technique of casual to the inside. For example, here I put "I found in the Websohu website on today’s website promotion of the most effective article" such words added to the article. So this article even soft. General soft advertising has three kinds of performance.

one, as I said above, add the URL to the soft wen.

two, as well as in the soft Riga QQ.

three, that is, the only key in the soft text Riga, is to create a search source.

we went on to search for the source, we are in search of some key words, found that Baidu know the keywords can always be ranked in the search engine of the first few. If we use the idea of this search source, if the SEO may be difficult to have a good ranking is difficult to bring the search engine traffic through the word.

if I know in Baidu on the article, "now ask which site the most Collectible" to use another account to answer, I said " websohu", this is my station in the network websohu ranking is based on the front, so when you search for websohu, I will use reasonable the search engine in search engine search traffic source.

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