Simple reimbursement for 10 million Pre A round of financing is intended to create a platform for en

recently learned 36 krypton, "simple reimbursement" received 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, by the early Sheng Investment fund. Founder and CEO Yu Yang told the current round of financing will be mainly used for research and development, as well as the realization of sales automation.


enterprise claims this thing, often involve many people’s pain points: Boss needs to keep checking, you need to check the financial bills, employees want to know the reimbursement schedule, the most rapid return. Corporate reimbursement of the SaaS product, 36 krypton wrote "news", because the electronic invoice is still in the initial stage, inevitably "post invoice" and "audit entity ticket" two process. And after the online audit, if the invoice order is wrong, will give the financial audit of the two major interference.

and "simple reimbursement" ideas to help enterprises do consumption integration, through cooperation with third party service platform, direct business account payment, finally according to overall invoices to the enterprise, so to save a single point of employee reimbursement time.

Yu Yang, for example, like staff travel, simple reimbursement has been with drops taxi cooperation. The B end in a taxi to open business account, prior to recharge, employees can through a simple reimbursement platform called the car, direct debit account of the enterprise does not need money, personal loaning. At the end of period of enterprise development, drops a VAT invoice, the platform also has clear reconciliation. In this process, in order to control the cost of the C end of the staff, simple reimbursement platform as well as the rules of the engine for the enterprise to set a variety of rules. If the employee line taxi, you also need to enter the online, through the platform together summary.

above is a daily example of a taxi, such as air tickets, hotels, etc., simple reimbursement is Ctrip and large chain hotels in cooperation, is expected in the quarter line. It is reported that simple reimbursement currently has Ctrip, Shenzhou car, taxi drops, the car is easy to other Internet service providers to realize the integration of technology, and supports a variety of Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages, to support the global currency, and collaborative conversion in different time zones.


In addition

, based in leave, travel, field application, reimbursement, approval and other functions, simple reimbursement has also launched an upgraded version of "simple product cost control, to meet the contract management, payment management, supplier compliance auxiliary cost control requirements, make contract management more standardized, more specific project financing.

in the perspective of logic, "simple claims" doing is feasible, but the biggest problem is how to determine the enterprise internal control, for example, a taxi is on business or private behavior of employees? Founder Yu Yang admitted that the system does not judge, but ultimately to finance the invoice is a starting place, after going through big data analysis to determine the.

as a result of profitability, simple reimbursement is the use of SaaS’s generic model, according to the number of users, according to the time unit. We know a lot of reimbursement platform