WeChat marketing essence or intentions to make friends


marketing, has been a hot word, how WeChat marketing, there are various statements and, as the saying goes, no matter the cat catches mice is a good cat. Similarly, WeChat marketing approach is not important, it is important to understand the essence of WeChat marketing, and strive to do a good job. This bold discuss, offer welcome.


marketing for WeChat and WeChat, the decomposition of marketing, WeChat is a tool that is under the environment of mobile Internet social media, marketing methods, and the starting point of marketing is to help others and make friends with others, so as to let people know you and your products. So we can combine this interpretation: WeChat marketing is the use of "WeChat" the mobile social networking tools to help others, and your audience friends, and his influence on the impression and understanding you, produced in the process of interest gradually for your products.

we imagine such a scene: a long acne skin girl, acne plagued her for a long time, and one by WeChat, this person is the skin care experts see in the circle of friends, take the initiative to consult experts, skin care is also very enthusiastic to help her answer, recommend some anti acne, often reminding her of sleep and food, for some days, the girls feel very good, worthy of trust, will take the initiative to ask what a good recommendation to buy anti acne products, did not sell even ask experts, want to buy directly. You may think that scene is ideal? But the truth is often like this, because the skin care experts are not from A to Z, to the girl selling products, has been to help her solve the acne problem, products recommended natural thing.

some people may feel that a deal to pull the time line is long, but may The loss outweighs the gain. can say, as long as the first transaction, the subsequent sales will be a lot smoother, as long as the product is good enough, even can also form a word-of-mouth recommendation


friends is a hassle, it takes a lot of time and energy. In fact, many brands want to make friends and users, but many restrictions to appear, WeChat and other social tools to help solve this problem, God gave a good tool to communicate with the user and do you have trouble, that is what will do. Summed up a bit, WeChat friends have a few points to note:

1, to be sincere, there is a saying that good: the heart can not get a person of two, one hundred people can. Good faith is the premise of making friends, although we do WeChat is the purpose of marketing, but please forget marketing, the first to be honest, 100 people, marketing is a natural thing, but also does not make people feel is marketing.

2, not too fast, not too obvious to two people, eager to sell, a lot of people do not love it. Especially in WeChat, the stranger’s sense of trust is relatively low, if the performance of the marketing purpose is very clear, directly affect the subsequent exchanges and transactions, slow for micro.