Four big weapon to make micro blog marketing benefits

2009, micro-blog this new term, mopping up world to defeat Obama, all-powerful gesture, a stream and so on nouns, become the most popular in the world of words. Micro-blog from birth to now, due to its unique shortcut, low cost, targeted, large amount of information, covering a wide range of interactive features such as timely, quickly become an indispensable part of life. Micro-blog users more and more. Sina released a performance report shows that as of the end of June, Sina micro-blog more than 368 million registered users, more than 13.6% growth in March at the end of 324 million, the number of daily active users accounted for ratio increased from 9% in the first quarter to 10%.

"micro-blog is the pulse of the earth," the United States, "times" such a strong evaluation of micro-blog’s information dissemination function. It seems that in a flash, China’s big companies and celebrities are turning their attention from traditional media to micro-blog.

with micro-blog’s fiery, this new media spawned the birth of micro-blog marketing. The number of micro-blog daily post staggering, as a social networking environment of a new media, has become a corporate marketing of a hotly contested spot.

at the same time, the development of advertising, destruction of micro-blog user experience, false fans and other accusations have come. There are companies in the trial of this marketing approach after the conclusion: micro-blog marketing has no effect.

London Olympic Games, in such a not so "incomparable" Olympic Games, the application of social media is indeed more than Beijing. One of the most impressive impression left is micro-blog marketing. From the numerous company "China won the first gold medal on a iPhone 4S to" Jingdong "China team got several gold medals today hit several discount" to the Nike administrative micro-blog pain advertising — "who dares at the top again, even if the physical pain, heart unwilling……" Have earned enough popularity. At the same time, or a direct benefit, or for further marketing activities accumulated customer base. Tencent announced the end of the Olympic Games for the first time: with set up by micro-blog’s "all-round, multi-channel touch up marketing channels, get a number of 50 well-known advertisers favor, marketing effect" cannot be mention in the same breath".

micro-blog marketing, we have to re-examine micro-blog marketing in the end how to do more effective?

clear objectives – marketing direction

368 million micro-blog users, you can not be the target object, everyone on micro-blog has different attributes, market economy conditions, market segmentation is an essential part of.


ultimate marketing is not the result to win over a large number of users, but when the needs of users, and even demand is not so clear in time, the user has the concrete demand to provide products or services. User segmentation has been a topic of the network, but also the network marketing optimization, the pursuit of the goal.

each industry, each enterprise, product