Mail dead For ten million A round of financing mail collaboration services Front said earlier


in Slack, Box, Yammer and other collaboration tools to the background, the mail is dead is a fashionable statement. But mail service Front with $10 million A round of financing protest.

as one of the oldest Internet services, e-mail has been born more than 40 years of history. It appears to have completely killed the previous generation of the main communication mode mail. But after a long time development lag, e-mail also accumulated some illnesses, such as bloated, inefficient, communication function etc. in spam rampant, a new generation of Slack productivity tools as the representative of the impact, e-mail will become the tool to subvert the next


may not.

because email is still an important tool in business. There are several data that can be said to prove. First, the annual work of mail is still as high as 100 billion, and the rate of growth in the rate of two is the average number of messages per day of knowledge workers received a total of 25 letters for the 10%. Although productivity tools replace e-mail as a part of the team’s internal communication, external communication is still the main form of communication in the formal informal organization.

was founded in 2013, headquartered in San Francisco, Front is a focus on customer communication and collaborative management of the team inbox. Front provides the inbox sharing feature, which allows a team member inbox to be integrated into a pool as a source of tasks, and then Front in accordance with the strategy of task assignment. In addition, it will also email, SMS and Twitter three communication channels together, user interface and operation mode is like Slack, managers can be classified according to different channel label, all communication with customers can be completed in the software. Such integration to the team in the customer’s communication and management to save a lot of cost, for example, forwarding forwarding and then forwarding the phenomenon can be basically put an end to. Currently there are more than 1000 companies using Front services, including LVMH, Mailchimp, Gunspot, etc..

this round of financing led by the Social Capital cast, Slack founder Stewart Butterfield, Intercom’s Eoghan McCabe and others with investment, so far its total financing of $13 million 250 thousand. Behind the two so-called killer who do mail service with the vote just powerfully illustrates this point: the message is not dead, have also left hand mail killer.