Hospital network marketing blog marketing skills

blog marketing I defined as two, 1, outside the blog marketing: that is, with the help of other sites to create a blog marketing. 2, the blog marketing: that is, through the establishment of independent blog marketing. The main advantage of the blog marketing is that the site has a certain user groups, the site itself has weight. The blog marketing is independent management, in a variety of marketing tools and methods have certain advantages, and is not restricted.

so today mainly about the external blog marketing.

one: the choice of blog platform

blog platform choice, we are most commonly used in several major categories:

1, the four portals: Sohu, Sina, Baidu, NetEase. In comparison, Baidu and Sina occupy a certain advantage, Tencent blog are interactive, this is relatively small, it is recommended that interested friends can try to develop a certain benefit.

2, health portal: 39 blog, Chinese health blog, etc.. This kind of blog weight is also good, at the same time for the crowd is more concentrated.

3, pure blog website: blog network, such as enterprise Bo network. This blog is used to do more personal marketing, of course, the hospital is also more suitable.

4, local portal category: Sichuan online, river network, etc.. This kind of much, for local portal, the establishment of the blog is also good. After all, these places belong to the portal Baidu news source, the opportunity is also relatively large, a good article is recommended to reprint rate is very high.

5, other blog: 51, Renren, etc., for the time being defined as the blog, after all, the pattern is now changing.

We know the

platform, then the next start.

two: keyword selection (blog location)

we do blog, actually do, but we do not need to carry on the development, art design, so in this blog, we also need to consider the choice of keywords. For the hospital there are several reference:

1, the name of the hospital category: this type of hospital brand image.

2, area + industry categories: of course, look at the name of the set to know, such as: Chengdu plastic surgery hospital. So our blog is mainly about some aspects of plastic.

3, area + hospital: in addition to doing this kind of brand awareness accident, you can also do some optimization.

4, hospital + experts: for example: Gold Rong plastic hospital director Zhao blog. So this is the packaging of experts.

5, area + project (Department): such as: Chengdu breast.

three: blog update

next blog update, blog update is a problem. We’re not looking for it everywhere