Tea and tea brand promotion


with the improvement of living standards in recent years, the topic of health more and more attention by people, everyone’s health consciousness constantly enhanced, therefore also to many health products enterprises or companies to bring more market. Now the investment to join the tea brand become a hot spot for investment entrepreneurs, so tea sales competition is constantly strengthened, and one of the most tea stores will undoubtedly need to constantly improve their sales skills, to make a profit in the tea market.

today also use A5 network patrons of this platform to communicate with you, as a tea merchant, how to promote their own brand and sell their tea, submit their sales profits, not to let their tea brands have been in the off-season, then we need to receive more information on promotion, tea brand promotion nothing more than two forms, local promotion + media promotion, in fact, any kind of promotion all need targeted promotion, will let you make your effort to promote.

here is mainly to tea network marketing, and share their own personal experience, hoping to help the majority of farmers merchants friends to promote their own brand of tea, to improve their sales for tea, do network promotion platform including advertising promotion, Forum promotion, blog, micro-blog, etc. the following platform.

1, network advertisement promotion, suitable for large businesses, relatively high cost, good effect, timeliness, believe that some large merchants have started to do, and have achieved good results, advertising promotion refers to the promotion of advertising website platform, so how to choose the best website platform. Is the tea industry website, you can see the first tea, our leading tea website, has been full of the tea brand promotion advertising, the tea merchants gathered here, whether you are a tea or tea or tea merchants wholesale brand promotion, tea industry is the first station, for the crowd are industry people, high conversion rate. Conditional can try, no conditions can also try, here also patrons are doing the free activities, free to help you to promote tea wholesale tea and tea merchants to join, and other activities, but also opened the first tea tea industry group purchase section, this activity also invites 50 merchants free to join.

2, Forum promotion, more practical small tea, small farmers, low cost, general effect, mining potential customers, short time. This kind of promotion is very simple, the majority of farmers merchants can according to the editing promotion advertising their products, issued to each big forum, advertising requires extensive range, easy to delete disadvantage of advertising, recommended to the tea industry forum advertisers, help you consider common development, people have begun to poly free advertising promotion forum, the merchants farmers can go to post promotion.

3, blog promotion, blog promotion cost is low, timeliness is long, the effect is general. The blog promotion need to choose the mainstream blog promotion, suggestions to Baidu space, Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu and NetEase Bo.