Once again the wrong DC

hateful, after buying and know to buy the wrong, who can blame themselves to find a big tree hit it. I bought a total of 2 IDC space. It’s cheap. The first one is the volcano. I don’t use it. I talk about the space I use now, really very angry.

ready to buy space when I was in a host evaluation class website query to now use the space of IDC, the rate of praise of the IDC almost 70%. Now think of those who praise, probably most of them are entrusted, depressed.

then I went to the IDC website to view the next test of the space, feeling good, at least better than the volcano. Ready to pick the cheap space (which is the fault of each grassroots webmaster), and finally bought now use this set of 1G +MYSQL database package is a total of 158 yuan.

does not have too many instructions in the product introduction. Pictured:


and I didn’t think there would be other restrictions. Don’t think too much about it. And then I’ll go through the program. No words in the middle, about a month after the frequent problems.

often MYSQL error information, which I do not quite understand, but know that this is not a procedural problem. Asked customer service, they said that because the server is in Zhejiang (like Zhejiang, not too well) to you is far away, the inevitable problem on the line (shuaren?) and the answer is beyond the limit, I do not know what specific restrictions, they didn’t ask. I IP this day but 300 station will be much action,

is really hard to understand!Another problem with

is that the access speed is slow (you can access the next look at the speed of www.czz5.com smart two-wire). Just bought really fast. Is the good times don’t last long with a period of time, the speed down, similar to the volcano that speed, depressed. This problem needs more.. explain customer service, customer service said that "when you just bought space because the server is open now, because the same server multi site access speed will slow." after listening to Speechless.

buy slowly after knowing that can not be downloaded, CPU is limited to 5%. And these are not described in the introduction. Do not know if this is not to deceive consumers. As a novice, I’m not very good at it. You can only blame their own experience is not deep!

finally with my own experience to remind novice webmaster, do not like me so cheap to buy the wrong space. This IDC I don’t say, just want to write out the angry mood now, because before space and have a problem.