Can you not see Taobao’s occupation of a poor division division and the fake invoices tear

"do Taobao: every day we are happy to fight!"

A5 first time to contribute, although in A5 more than 6 years, but had been only good article, never write, but some things happened recently, I think it is necessary to share with everyone, for some from the webmaster friends will certainly be of great help. I began to say how to do Taobao, are fighting it?

contact 06 years from the network, began to learn hackers, hackers tour with the Black Hawk (3800hk) close ended, before the black hawk or a small moderator, actually miss the infinite interest on the network as a contact network, then slowly transition to do the station, in the first 2 years, as a small owners, how much I have been successful, after all, in 09 after graduating from college, in less than 2 years to buy a house, a car, a man married, three business costs are made by website. Just 2 years time, SEO is not "It is all up with, the chain for the emperor, content is king" era, personally, now SEO can not rely on one person alone can control, to make a stand, is in need of a team, rely on individual has to die. Well, said so much nonsense, I hope you do not see, I started Taobao last year, as the saying goes, "Taobao deep into the sea like!" today to give you said, Taobao how deep the sea – occupation of


said the occupation, the word from the commendatory terms slowly to a derogatory term, "Dongguan beggars", "medical", "bad teacher" these words are outrageous words! First from the poor teacher talking about


one, the difference of professionalism of Taobao

bad teachers believe that people are very familiar with, after the buyers to purchase goods directly, bad review, Taobao’s evaluation system, the difference in assessment of the shop is often the biggest seller, so in order not to affect the shop had to pay high prices benefit, the difference in assessment requires the buyer to modify. Of course, now with the refinement of the rules of Taobao, poor teachers also slowly fade in people’s eyes, after all, the main push of Taobao Tmall, Tmall system there is no difference in assessment of this concept, and Tmall lost most of Taobao’s traffic, leading to Taobao market sellers business market bleak, so slowly to the seller poor is not very much. Here also say the way, many webmaster friends want to do Taobao transformation, must do the research work, the so-called market Taobao C shop, is very difficult to make money, how to say, can earn pocket money, but to do a full time do not expect too much, although time itself will not lose money, but lose time that time is really precious. Every webmaster friends have a better way to try not to choose to do Taobao; to do must have three points: the price advantage, technical superiority, express advantage;

solution: the first time encountered bad teacher, do not worry, the first analysis of the users on how many, whether it is a new account, Taobao background poor division report address, complaints directly to buyers, according to Taobao substantiated will automatically cancel >