All the car founder Li Jian second hand car industry entered the bayonet stage



| Lanna evening

Li Jian, founder of

, is a bit upset.

this upset on the one hand from the market.

2016, Chinese second-hand car trading scale may first break 10 million, the denominator of the optimistic growth inevitably bring about molecular year-on-year growth, the whole industry into "an eventful year" service and the present series of drawbacks, scorched by the flames as their counterparts in everyone "car" in preparation for insufficient situation to face challenges from "success" consumers.

on the other hand, the competition ability level also to upgrade the product manager born entrepreneurs must learn many products outside, two months ago, a sudden burst of everyone "car" and another C2C second-hand car trading platform merger rumors, let Li Jian have to stand up to verify the response of employers and the media — "unexpected trouble" he spread his hands, to smile to make expression package type evaluation.

is like the Pacific War into Midway Islands Atoll, all military forces have been placed on the board, without any concealment or retreat opportunities.

"is really the time to come to the conclusion, that is, what is the real entrance of the car after the market. "

Li Jian believes that since 2014, the capital of automobile transportation field runway hit more than 10 billion dollars, which went to the C round of venture companies less than 10%, which shows the tragic, but under the "Exhaustion", investors and entrepreneurs have only one answer, namely: what path to connect the trillion level car market, the profit for the ring pool hypertrophy the automotive industry chain


in the past November, the "financial audit history" for the first time all the car got positive margin accounting results, is expected to be in the next year to achieve overall profitability, thus ending the industry "2VC" business history.

Injection of

into its symbolic significance as a tonic.

for a long time, the second-hand car trading mode of C2C are considered to be a very difficult to make money in the business, due to the line of vehicle door survey, it does not have the advantage of marginal cost of traditional online C2C occupy nearly to zero, so we must through to do large-scale diluted cost.

after the completion of the transaction service charge 3% Commission, is the main source of income for everyone "car", together with the financial and maintenance of two blocks, each transaction order, "the average car" everyone credited approximately 4500 yuan. When everyone "car" monthly transactions nearly 20000 vehicles Li Jian found, has covered out monthly income level of operating costs.

at the end of a science and technology summit, Li Jian is not implicit in the face of a top VC, forced to declare themselves to create the first Chinese car industry. "