P2P made a scapegoat Huang Xiaoming investment first car loan financing 217 million yuan

Tencent science and technology news (Wang Pan) April 11th, auto finance O2O technology services platform first car loans announced the completion of the A+ round of financing, financing amount of 217 million yuan. This led by the CRE capital investment, capital of unitary and original A round investors matrix partners with the cast, Qing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. However, Tencent technology has not confirmed its financing.

it is understood that, in 2015 first car loan completed A round of financing, investors from CITIC Group, Beijing Automotive Group, Jingwei venture, Bailian Group, Chinese credit and other enterprises, as well as the famous movie star Huang Xiaoming’s Senate vote.

was founded in 2014 at the beginning of the first car loans into the second-hand car market, O2O auto finance solutions launched online and offline combination, such as low efficiency, long period, loans, financial instability and other pain points exist for a long time in the industry, to provide financial services for the second-hand car dealers.

after two years of development, the first car loan business scope has expanded to the vehicle from the second-hand car, car rental, logistics, consumer credit and other fields, and gradually developed into a one-stop integrated service platform of automobile finance.

up to now, first car loans have been completed in 26 provinces, 75 City National line network layout, the cumulative loan amount about 4000000000 yuan, provides financial services for nearly 1000 domestic second-hand car dealer, automobile logistics business, car rental business.

results for first car loans, Jingwei venture partner Wan Haoji believes that China has become the world’s largest car market, and slowly will be extended to the core automotive aftermarket.

according to Tencent science and technology, to participate in the first car loan early investment Huang Xiaoming in recent years in the investment circle is very active, and its individual companies involved in investment, including hot fitness, love, such as money, etc..