You don’t work hard not specifically looking for something to 80

      I have read a lot of articles especially in the blog, said that 80 80 itself is how to bear, Dabeni blog, open and 80 boundaries and at a "80 Internet entrepreneur is the beat generation" in this era of betrayal is not what, but hidden in the behind this topic is worthy of our attention!

      why does Dabeni have a sense of inferiority and resistance? .

      we are all young people, young people easily stimulated! So I also published an article on the Internet to think about the "hunger and temptation, the network of men and women’s nature?" Said micro sound light, only in the scope of discussion.

      today I have a thorn in the Sina blog is also the headlines! After 80, what do you inherit the Chinese traditional culture, which is also a Sina blog happy fairy, what people do not know! In this paper, we make three big comparisons

      current | taekwondo practice not practicing martial arts do not love to help parents do housework 80]

      | martial arts charm [criticism than how Korean is no longer the dragon? ]

      | [understanding of popular culture is the trend of the world why Kung Fu]

      the 80 will ask, your generation put forward to Chinese martial arts martial arts charm Siming degree, specific say?

      what kind of life do your parents live?

      how much have you contributed to the Chinese cultural and cultural heritage?

      said 80 is not the dragon’s descendants, descendants before are not necessarily orthodox dragon what a respectable place!

      06 years of Han Han and the "white birch Korean War of words" no older people have what good cultural thoughts, also all poor shooting, what they have not done, but the jealousy!

      say the network, the current network is in the dominant position is not the 80 of us, but 80 before the "predecessors", what the hat to 80 after the body? You take the lead not good say 80 how to do, bitch really stand arch! It’s also a sign of social progress! < >