nternet map license issued in June Goole Earth or will be banned

this month, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping will issue Internet map service provider license. At the same time, according to the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, as of the end of December this year, the Internet map service did not apply for the qualification but still engaged in Internet map service activities of the units were investigated according to law according to undocumented mapping, and exposure to the public. This means that, with the implementation of the new standards for Internet license issuance and Internet map service, the Internet map leak problem will be improved after repeated exposure, the Internet map market will gradually move toward norms.

map marked buried security risks

not long ago, CCTV’s "focus" exposure of the moonlight forum website there are a lot of geographic information classified, pointed out that the site put a lot of information on the national military, such as airports, ships and the garrison of the landmark information classification and direct links to a foreign software in map labeling.

In fact,

insiders are well aware of this, foreign software is Goole Earth map (Google earth). Because of the Google earth marking function without restrictions, and a lot of friends out of competition and show off mentality, lack of security awareness, in the online annotation of new found themselves, involving state secrets, has become a potential threat to national security.

"at present, more and more Internet map sites can be marked. A labeling function can enhance the interactivity of the Internet map and users, to mobilize the enthusiasm of users; on the other hand, some information related with the depth map, such as some small shops, restaurant address, discount promotions, pictures and other life service information can enrich the Internet map function, to meet the needs of users more depth range at the same time, these shops, restaurants can also bring income for Internet map website." Analysys International Senior Analyst Ren Yanghui told reporters.

‘s survey found that the current Internet map annotation can be roughly divided into three kinds: one is the labeling of information through the audit are displayed on the server, so users can see, such as Ding Dingwang; two is marked only when users on the local machine or the user logged in can see the mark, or mark pages sent to friends, other users can see, not directly displayed on the server, such as UU, Sogou Lingtu map; three is the number of map makers lack of filtering and supervision of marking information freely, annotation information, Internet map from the source of the leak.

license leaks will improve

according to incomplete statistics, the current China is engaged in Internet map service website about 42 thousand, so many sites, uneven, the market is relatively confusing. This month issued Internet license, the one hand to improve the market access threshold, if you do not have the qualification, will not be able to map download, copy, transmit and reference service, if you do not have the qualification B site will not be engaged in Internet map service; on the other hand, the foreign map makers regulatory problems, new standard that store >