Tencent NetEase NetEase executives Wei Jianhong Francis the original game that has been taken away


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in May 30th, from Guangzhou Qingtianzhu network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Optimus Prime") confirmed that the May 29th morning, the police came to the company office, its founder, former NetEase game division vice president Wei Jianhong talks. Since then, Wei Jianhong was taken away by the police.

the company has not received any notice of the police, also can not confirm whether Wei Jianhong was formally arrest.

morning 10 o’clock is Optimus Prime officially work time. At 10 a.m. on May 30th, Wei Jianhong failed to appear in the company.

An executive of

Optimus company confirmed: the police investigation led to the company’s "gods" series of games suspected of plagiarism NetEase "Westward Journey" series of games.


executives said: Optimus Prime company ready to hire a lawyer involved in the case.

police launched an investigation in July 2012 but not below

Guangzhou Qingtianzhu Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Deputy general manager of NetEase founder Wei Jianhong game division. He left the NetEase in April 2010, and led the NetEase "Westward Journey" game project master plan, the main program, the main art more than 20 backbone employees in the creation of a new company ".

in the online games industry, the main planning, the main program and the main art is responsible for the core members of a game product. They have a product structure, mechanism, code, you can easily copy another game, a game company in Guangzhou, said the person in charge.

Westward Journey series of games has a pivotal position of NetEase. Reception of the new financial reporter executives Optimus Prime company said: the first pot of gold NetEase, which is on the "Westward Journey" game to the amoy.

NetEase official website shows that in December 2001, the NetEase launched the first self-developed massively multiplayer online role playing game "Westward Journey Online", and then on the basis of the original development of the "Westward Journey Online II", August 15, 2002, Online "Westward Journey II" formal operation and become the domestic online games the first successful operation.

at present, the "Westward Journey II" Online enrollment of more than 170 million, while the highest number exceeded 1 million 260 thousand.

After the great success of

in the "Westward Journey" game, the Wei Jianhong team chose to leave the NetEase. Talking about the venture, the aforementioned executives said, people can not just want to be a part-time job".

The development of new products of the company is "Fengshen

Optimus" series of games.

it is understood: in July 6, 2012, for allegedly copying the "Westward Journey" game, the company was the police investigation. The police made a copy of the company’s Service > Optimus Prime