Han are clothes homes try to buy a free brand and line to do a Amoy brand electricity supplier multi


in the outside world, Han clothing is the most successful hand-made, and starry CEO often share their hand-made experience in public. But as an Internet brand, South Korea attempted not only hand-made, try to be free from purchasing, brand, to try to store the line, Han clothing brand development experienced a multi hop.

Han Yi clothing positioning Internet clothing brand Korean fast fashion with Zhao Yingguang I have a great relationship.

Zhao Yingguang graduated from the Shandong University Korean professional after graduation by the Chinese overseas to South Korea for trade between China and South Korea, for ten years. Before the official involved in e-commerce, he did not know what the clothing industry, I do not know what is fashion, but because of the early experience of the Internet into the Korean culture and the understanding of the Korean clothes homes toss.

during his or China Korea trade representative, an accidental opportunity, met a South Korea people, he and Zhao Ying light in the chat mentioned: the future of e-commerce trade, women’s fashion is one of the most profitable industry.

this conversation, at that time to do the Internet but do not know the direction of the Zhao Yingguang act is filled with wisdom. In Korea for ten years, Zhao Yingguang feel this is a tiny area efficient conversion capability for European and American fashion, "but unfortunately, the domestic fast fashion sense is more lag".

at that time, the domestic traditional trading enterprises to purchase in Korea, is a way to introduce Korean fashion, but Zhao Yingguang felt so slow, there is no efficiency. Zhao at that time, the Internet can shorten this time, I should use this platform to quickly enter the South Korea’s first real fast fashion, his first choice is to do purchasing.

crashed overseas purchasing

initially, he made all sorts of good expectations for purchasing, did not want to work soon after the mishap of overseas purchasing deeply hurt him, Zhao Yingguang will summarize the four mishap of overseas purchasing.

"one is too long. From the domestic customer orders to us to help overseas orders, international freight and so on, a single purchasing process often in 10 to 15 days."

two is the return is very inconvenient. Online shopping will inevitably have to return a single link, but the goods return no less than single to save time, plus the expensive international postage, the cost of return is too high."

three is out of stock and stock relatively high frequency. As a purchasing business is very difficult to synchronize the inventory with suppliers overseas, however, clothing inventory transform fashion brand is very fast, but the domestic websites display inventory, customer orders after purchasing, procurement may go out of stock. From the customer here, they wait for ten days, finally you tell him I’m sorry, shortage, it is difficult for us customers disappointed."