Betta live received 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing

August: in March of this year, 15 Japanese Betta live announced the completion of B round of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) financing, Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, Sequoia Capital and investment capital with nanshan. So far this year, the cumulative amount of financing Betta live has been more than 2 billion yuan.


is a Betta live broadcast barrage sharing site, which was formerly known as ACFUN live broadcast live, announced in January 2014 that it was renamed Betta TV. Known for live games, but also includes science and technology, education, sports, arts and other live broadcast plate. According to official data show that in March 2016 15 million DAU Betta, Betta live for 200 million months. In fact, in the last round of financing after the success of Betta live carried out in-depth cooperation with Tencent. This year, Betta live will continue to adhere to the quality of the content of live diversification and development goals.