By leveraging the network marketing to make you more effort


network marketing, heard a lot of friends said that a person can really do. In fact, we do network marketing, but also has a lot of competitors, opponents stronger than you, so that they will be submerged in the ocean of Internet information. So how can I ever thought about leveraging marketing? Say here is not opportunistic.

Archimedes said, "give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth", network promotion and network marketing success desire, such as leveraging not less. A lot of time to do network marketing is the need to leveraging, only by leveraging the right way to make their own brands on the Internet can in a short period of time has increased dramatically, now on the market the Internet company or a series of articles in their own network Yu Yifei team or about leveraging the piece, do not be put in place while the thought of some methods however, these are just based on think about it, there are many difficult problems have not been solved and overcome, and finally let them off to them.

then single Jen information based on years of experience, to tell you how to use network marketing to make more effort. This technique is only an overview, and is not suitable for any industry, so in reference to the need to transform their knowledge.

1 programs,

this is for those who own the station, did not have enough money, you can use other people’s money to do advertising. We can find the right ads from the website or the media, and then convince other businesses to bear the cost of advertising. For example, you find 4 businesses to share advertising costs, the burden of 25%. As a feedback, they can get a promotion space from your ad. Thus, you are equivalent to not spend a penny, you get an advertising space.

2 to free gimmick for publicity

for example, we summarize the problems encountered in an industry and solutions, he wrote PDF, free on the platform. The PDF as a way to attract traffic to the site, or a tool to enhance sales. Or we are free to share their experience on the platform, resonate with the user, then you can carry out a step of publicity, access to a good reputation, so that users will also be in the circle of friends spread of word of mouth.

3 users to share to serve the user

we can witness to the customer through marketing, such as Taobao, those buyers comments for an upcoming purchase of users is very influential. Only let the real users have been purchased to share and comment, to be able to maximize their own time to communicate with customers, so that customers can be determined whether this product is suitable for their own.

4 to share personal recognition

for network marketing, we all know that the establishment of brand marketing is very useful for the following