Li Fuhua how to promote enterprise website

today to talk about my point of view to promote the enterprise station, wrote a few days ago, Li Fuhua: how to maximize the effectiveness of online advertising, about the introduction of a number of online advertising investment and effectiveness. Today, take one of these search engine optimization to talk about:

we all know that the general content of enterprise web sites are limited, it is generally not very likely to update the content, by increasing the content of the method to do optimization may be difficult to pass. Is there any other way to effectively promote it, on the issue of the following conclusions are summarized as follows:

1, through the establishment of subdirectories to add content. Subdirectory is the main domain name, so sub directory content and Optimization in large bearing degree can improve the keywords in the home page ranking, this does not affect the effect of the master station and increase the site collected and ranking optimization.

2, through the establishment of related websites for promotion. For example, Ou Weisi said, because the official website should pay attention to the image, so the optimization is not very good, but also a purpose of the site is to seize the customer, so you can do some easy to optimize the investment site to do business with.

3, the establishment of the industry’s industry website. Can be a large amount of information industry website, easy to optimize the characteristics of the enterprise website to promote the promotion of embedded or brand promotion, such as Chinese shoes and shoes network network.

and then the main station to optimize the place must be optimized, as soon as possible to update the information. Shallow experience, also please forgive me, now only think of so few points, after the discovery of the other and send out to share with you.

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