QQ and QQ group of some simple means of promotion

said the promotion of free, and accuracy is high, with QQ and QQ group promotion, QQ registered users have been broken six hundred million, also created the huge industries QQ group, QQ group is a good channel for some hands free promotion, of course, the power of QQ space is immeasurable, and below the author QQ QQ group to talk about some of their own ideas



Tencent to provide some free service is good, the Tencent caught many people vanity, curiosity and desire for many customers meet specific psychological needs, from the QQ icon and the QQ light service level can be clearly seen. Can help people point to help people brush icon or QQ game, game level and application experience, called the people to our website on the signature, so that more people know us, for example, said I was selling Apple mobile phone accessories, so that more people know there is a "ISOUND Taobao mall", but also sell mobile phone accessories and electronic products! Try it before the effects of fine




added some Apple fans into the group after group, if there is enough time, students can and members of the group in particular management are nonsense, get familiar with, to lay the foundation for the back! Or naked link not only no effect, it will be the second kick. When cooked slowly chatting down the topic in the past, and then lost the link; if not what time management and group mix, the simplest way is: programses. Send a link to the consumer and the identity of the onlookers to ask if they are worth buying!



found some funny classic pictures look through graffiti expression in the small corner will own advertising links embedded, then add several special AC QQ expression group, mad, if I look not cute enough, and others will be funny enough, the other group members for expression, and then to the other group or to other friends, so you have a free equal to help you, a pass ten, ten pass 100




QQ bottle is divided into many types of bottles, select the target so that we can better, like I was selling Apple accessories, we should know the life, with iPhone are generally male girl, almost wood, so you can use the communication bottle, ensure you receive a bottle of advertising are girls; if you are selling large, in order to facilitate logistics, you can choose to use the city and bottle age can also choose to see their target groups, reasonable selection greatly improves the conversion rate! Bottles can also be used as a tool of communication, customer service, if you receive a bottle >