For competitors in Baidu search engine promotion of special strategies

small and medium enterprises to do SEO or any other network promotion purposes are very simple, that is, in the shortest possible time to bring orders or real benefits to the enterprise. In my contact optimization of customers, basically have after 2~3 months to see the results, do not take some special measures of marketing strategy, it is difficult to meet the needs of the customers, their early no money can be earned.

there’s a hospital, the name is called "a hospital", and most of the changing hospital, "hospital" in the pursuit of maximum economic benefit, on Baidu launched some popular keyword bidding, we all know that the overwhelming male gynecology hospital propaganda, so the "hospital" such marketing is not surprising, "a hospital" in Baidu PPC also received very good results. But after investigation, the user’s habits, were found in the Baidu search "those who have a Difficult miscellaneous diseases", they for the first time in terms of illness to search special hospitals, but they tend to remember the name of the hospital. The hospital should be more than that, so the second most will search for them to remember the name of the hospital. This is the search out of the natural ranking. So "a hospital" a competitor, we call the "hospital" B ", according to the name of a hospital" and other spent much of the price in the Baidu ranking hospital do PPC, at a very low price to get a very high effect.

this is what I want to say today "against competitors in Baidu search engine promotion special strategy", the opponent did not notice in the marketing loopholes, with the lowest price in the rival platform to build the snatch opponents customers, although somewhat speculative or immoral, even a little fraud component, engage in it will involve legal issues, but divergent thinking, we can also use this marketing strategy to many aspects.

coincidentally, search engine promotion strategy in the fast food industry such as McDonald’s and KFC competitors also use similar search, "McDonald’s" three words in the Google, there will be the KFC fast food advertising, of course, without the use of KFC and related pictures, text and links such as McDonald’s, naturally no legal issues. Originally there is a picture, but I can not find, and now go to search advertising is not, and reduce the credibility of this ad.

described above knowledge case, is not an ordinary strategy against competitors, but a special example, because of the specific process and I did not go to the test, so the specific effect was referring to the data of others. The purpose of this article is in the enterprise search engine promotion above do not blindly adhere to the Convention, of course do not promote personal reality, compare the cost of promotion are zhenjinbaiyin. Perhaps one day I feel my traffic is too low, I will find some special promotion vocabulary to bring their own traffic, huh, huh.

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