Wang Sicong investment to set up a banana plan to complete the A round of 150 million financing

[TechWeb] News reported in June 12th, founded by Wang Sicong a "banana investment plan" in the signing of a combination of T-ara and EXID after the South Korean women’s team will wantonly into the bosom of artists, including Baoqiang Wang, Angelababy, Chen, then will be more numerous well-known South Korean broadcaster incurred under. In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Sicong investment in the entertainment circle can feel like in the play, but it’s the game plan banana banana confirmed completed a $150 million A round of financing, the investor is IDG where the text digital investment fund, the further realization of Wang Sicong’s "fans economy" strategy.



plan" was established in August 2015, Wang Sicong’s investment philosophy, entertainment investment is the most important step in the whole of his investment philosophy, investment in creation of gaming and live, entertainment content will be presented in a new form, and through the integration of the three + + live entertainment gaming mode.

as a gaming, Wang Sicong has his own plan, build their own tournament IP is a good choice, after the completion of the financing, the banana will create independent brand events — "BEST series", and also a major broadcast platform for cooperation, the establishment of brand channel launched their own R & D and production of VOD, live broadcast.