WeChat marketing 3 era the resurgence of WeChat operation

WeChat marketing future trends, more and more clear and clear

is to kill the marketing circle of friends from the 20, limit the number of friends, the middle of the day of rest, today more than 6 points and the number of certified public green, make people feel more and more public official support will be, the official intent is clear, restrict the marketing circle of friends, the original intention of the public taste, support and the more obvious.

continue to suppress the WeChat circle of friends marketing, limiting the number of personal WeChat friends

in May 20th this special day, the official WeChat suddenly issued restrictions on the number of friends on the line, so many large, direct marketing, be taken by surprise, the promulgation and implementation of the following provisions and without warning, also shows that the official WeChat tough attitude, as follows:

1) personal micro signal limit down to cap 5000. And is the number of friends + WeChat + public concern number of the number of the total number of not more than 5000.

2) after more than 5000 caps, no more active or passive friends

3) if the original number of friends more than 5000 people, the release of the circle of friends each message can only be random to see 5000 people.

for the public to continue to give the green light to relax the certification audit threshold

May 22nd is more than 6 this evening, WeChat public platform through the official WeChat public number (sounds a little around), sent a message to the user, announced a new certification standards:


certification from the original only micro-blog and WeChat certification certification certification 2 selection, a new will be divided into 3 types of certification (the WeChat certified split into 2 types), certification requirements and specific permissions are as follows:

1) micro-blog certified (personal only)

through micro-blog micro-blog Association certification (the premise is to have a certified, and the name of the account to be consistent), after authentication will get a custom menu permissions interface.

2) WeChat certification (non personal, account qualification audit)

original WeChat certification requires 2 steps are: account main audit + account name audit, and now changed to: account subject qualification audit 1 steps

popular understanding is: as long as you provide the enterprise / organization registered business license is valid, you can through the certification, subscription number will receive a custom menu interface authentication service number, will obtain the high-level function interface interface all permissions, multi customer interface, and can apply for business functions; and this time don’t show signs of V, and certification information.

3) WeChat certification (non personal, account name audit)

original WeChat certification requires 2 steps are: account main audit + account name audit, and now changed to: account name audit 1 steps

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