The webmaster do not teach you How to make money

have a good word to say, wear other people’s shoes, go their own way, let others find it.

there is a saying well, do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier, do not want to make money is not a good webmaster.

recently built a group of students, two days time has been 100 people, and everyone in the group to discuss the most topics are: to build what kind of website, how to get income. Visible, the technical threshold of the webmaster has not, we do not consider how the problem of the site, and I do not know such a phenomenon is good or bad. I don’t think the next CMS do it now, the owners do not need to know ASP-PHP ah, but if, as a webmaster, even like Dreamwwaver-Pohoshop based software are not flexible, is inevitably a bit too close to the face. After all, no one wants to see the same template on the internet.. So, in the first place, for more non technical type of Webmaster: there is time to study under the Dreamwwaver-Pohoshop, is absolutely good for you.

webmaster now as a kind of new occupation, is attracting more and more young computer enthusiasts. However, the king of the king station, behind the scenes, Chinaz and other sites gathered by the site’s IP continued to rise, but also indicates that the team is constantly strong.


team, to the cake more people, fortunately, we will divide the cake is rising, more and more, many novel ideas webmaster, many webmaster to stick to it, have gained a substantial report.

webmaster want to make money, it is necessary to good thinking, learning, online a lot of experts, they do not tell you the way to make money, but you carefully, it is able to see the method. The chain: [outside chain: please keep]

I do not teach you to cheat, many ways to make money, here is simply to say something about all the way, inspired thinking.

, a large traffic sites, comfortably do alliance

want to do GG or other advertising alliance, there is no large traffic site is not enough, so the key is how to get a stable flow. Many webmaster is collected, this approach also no ground for blame but please note the skill acquisition, not only: 1, a website, 2, at the same time do not generate too many hundreds of pages, you can, 3, manually add and modify the title of the data to be accounted for more than 3, and first collected manually, to manually add the data row in front of data collection. Of course, there is a more simple method is the intelligent software market now exists, such a system there are several, such as now has less popular Nicewords, knight, and one eye "